I realize that no one with a sane mind is ever going to read this page. But if you are reading it nevertheless, don’t you listen to those bad people calling you crazy from time to time. After all, crazy is as crazy does. Anyway, the following are written just in case I ever travel through a parallel dimension where it is illegal to own a website without section of a legal disclaimer.

The hereby website is available for viewing to any person agreeing to the legal terms of use listed in what follows. These terms of use may be changed at any moment, without previous notification to the visitors, depending on various variables of my mood, such as this or that. What the aforementioned visitors will have on their side is that these terms will be here to stay, which means that anyone of you may access them anytime of day or night. Should any disagree to these terms, then he or she will have to leave this page with a friendly hand shake. Disappointingly, it does not contain violence, blood, gore, nudity, porn or Japanese porn, so it ’s alright for children under the age of 18 to take a peek.

Moving on. This website is the private property of Vladi Păunescu. The entire content of it, including text, design, graphics and pictures are, again, property of Vladi Păunescu. The content may be used without restrictions in personal non-commercial use. Otherwise it’s not cool.

Speaking of which. The website is a little improperly called website cause, apart from these pages found as links at the footer of the home page and the home page itself, there’s really nothing else. Each section found at the home page links to several other websites: Wikipedia, Behance, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and Facebook. The moment you are being redirected you are leaving this website and will be subject to the legal terms respective of those six above. And I am not responsible for what happens there.

Best of luck!