Planet Vladi is the personal and official website of me, Vladi Păunescu. It is conceived as an online presentation of myself, with things I am, things I do and things that revolve around me (hence the name).

Now for some history. Which the website quite has, believe it or not. It’s about a decade old and was initially made in purpose to impress girls while I was in high school. It was officially launched on 6 February 2002, EET 01:56.

The legend has it that the idea had been on my mind for some time, but what actually made my mind up was an online chat with this girl younger than me who showed my her own website. So on the evening of February 5th, I turned Microsoft FrontPage upside down, wrote a little about myself, wrote some corny gags from the Internet, decorated it with some animated GIFs and there it was, on air!

It was first called SickSite, at the address of That was what you may call a brand extension of my IRC nickname, inspired by the homonymous character from Trainspotting. But years passed, my knowledge enriched, the pages became better designed, the structure was clearer and yes, the name changed. First to, then to, and eventually to

So after years of trying out different styles and concepts, here’s Planet Vladi today: a single page with links to personal pages on other relevant websites:

Vladi Story, the self-written article about myself on Wikipedia;
Vladi Works, my online portfolio on Behance, with projects I make as an advertising creative;
Canal Vladi, my YouTube account, with videos made and conceived by me either for my job or for personal projects;
Vladi Pics, my Flickr account, populated with lovely photos shot by me;
Vladi Life, the story of my life, year by year, in pictures from my Picasa account;
Contact Vladi, linking to my Facebook account.

So there it is, the online me. If you have reached the end of this text and would still like to contact otherwise, my e-mail is