You have surely heard about the IQ. Have you ever had one of those tests? And if not, aren;t you curious whether you're smart or not? I've always wondered how some silly kindergarden questions, like the ones in IQ tests, can determine how smart someone is. Well, here is where sickboy™'s IQ sicktest™ comes into action. Sickboy™'s IQ sicktest™, scientifically approved by NASA, NATO, the European Union and BDTHSC (the Boys' Daily Toilet High School Committee), calculates not only your intelligence like you might have expected: it is a test of will which determines your capacity to pass the most difficult situations. Once you have finished the three-page question set, you will find out how intelligent you are. Or I believe "witty" is the more accurate word here. Will you be the next Einstein or Newton's, Freud's or Shakespeare's predecessor? Or, on the contrary, will you be employee of the month in an illegal mustard factory where your job will be to glue labels on the jars? Click below and find out. Have phun!

For the love of God, begin already!


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© sickboy™ 2002