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Then it began... Heavy clouds were gatherring above the cursed land getting ready to be blessed, all under the threat of deafening thunders unleashed by the boundless anger of the gods. I said to myself it was going to be tough. There was absolutely no doubt about that. Many brave ones had tried to make glory a name out of them by conquering what was waiting for me only to find their early end afterwards under the cruel grin of the fate. Then I closed my eyes... The bleak image of the unknown had appeared in my mind burdened by this challenge which seemed more and more fading away under the helpless eyes of the condemned. There was no turning back now. All my life's joys, sorrows and hopes were passing in front of my eyes. Sweat had overwhelmed me like weeds in a Mayflower field; an unbelieveble feeling was testing me and from that moment on I realised I had become a new person. I felt proud and tired at the same time. The unmeasurable effort at which I had been exposed had taken my breath away and for a moment I thought I wouldn't make it. Yet a ray of light soothed my eyelids and hope revived first like a lead thread, then with the power of a withdrawing tide. I had succeded. My dream had come true. No one could ever say anything now, I was in the seventh heaven. It was over.
Then I flushed the toilet.

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