The hereby sicksite(TM) has unexpectedly become one of the most famous and controversed sites on the internet. Hmm... actually in Romania... Come to think of it only Buzau... Alright, alright, not like that but the fact that it has surpassed 1000 visitors constitutes a great achievement for a presonal site. Therefore, I am sure that many of the thousands and millions of my fans all throughout the world will wish to have something to remember me by. Thus, all visitors of this website will be able from now on to become onorary sickmembres(TM) of Sickboy Ltd. All those to have signed my this guestbook (for this is the technical name of this membrelist) will take part at the end of the year in sickboy(TM)'s great, marvelous, fascinating and extraordinary sicklottery(TM)*, with the chance to win a personalised T-shirt from non-other than sickboy(TM) himself. All you have to do is sign the guestbook. By pressing "BE SICK™" you will be transferred to the page where the other sicks have already entered the competition. To sign up click "SIGN MY DREAMBOOK" in the lower part of the page. So... become sick(TM)! RIGHT NOW!!!


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* Entries up until December 31st 2002, 23:59 GMT. The 3 (three) winners shall be drawn and announced on the website and through the email left in the guestbook. 1st prize will receive a T-shirt with a personalised inscription from sickboy(TM). I haven't decided yet what 2nd and 3rd prize will get, but they will surely receive something as well and when I will have made up my mind I will announce it on the site. Employees and owners of Sickboy Ltd. cannot participate in the sicklottery(TM).

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